Pay It Forward Campaign
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Pay It Forward Campaign

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It's that time of year when many people fill their homes with loved ones and presents under the tree while even more in our community struggle to pay for basic essentials. With the added stress of the pandemic, many in our local community are hurting and struggling to put food on the table, heat their homes and fill the gas tank in their car. We believe the greatest impact is felt on the local level and we want to help. Let's take care of our own and pay it forward.

Donate to the LCS Pay It Forward Campaign and we will be sure your monetary donation makes a local impact by getting it to someone local in need. All funds will be used to fill the tank of someone's car, brighten someone's day with a free coffee, gift a family a bag of groceries or heat a family's home. No donation is too big or small and in the spirit of paying it forward, LCS will match the first $500 in donations. We are in this together.

Merry Christmas!

Jason, Jamie & the LCS Crew


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